The Meditation Program

A special note from Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj, Swami’s Guru. Shivabalayogi said after receiving this initiation into meditation, you should not change paths or Gurus. That it will only strengthen and deepen your own paths of choice (For example, if you are a Christian, you will become a better Christian. If you are a Hindu, you will become a better Hindu).

The meditation program begins with an introduction of Swami Kena by his assistant.

Swami then blesses his assistant by placing some Vibhuti (sacred ash) on him or her. His assistant will give instructions about the meditation, and then goes around the room placing some Vibhuti between each person’s eyebrows, giving further instructions quietly. Once everyone has been blessed by the Vibhuti, the meditation will began and last for one hour.

The process of applying the Vibhuti and meditation is considered an initiation. In this case it is an initiation of friendship that involves passing on a blessing from Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj in the direction of helping everyone meditate. The initiation is not one of joining any organization or group.

While the meditation is going on, the Swami will be meditating in a deep state known as Samadhi. The energy in the room will become amazing and most people find the hour passes quickly.

When the meditation ends, the Swami will have a Satsang, in which he delivers a spiritual discourse, followed by questions and answers. Swami will answer all of them. While he answers questions, his assistant will give everyone a piece of Vibhuti blessed to help them meditate at home. Swami will then speak to people privately, to discuss any personal questions, problems, or issues. After answering he will bless some Vibhuti with his Guru working through him, to help with the problem or issue. Even health issues can be addressed and helped.

The program then comes to an end. At this time people can donate if they wish to help with Swami’s travel expenses. Books, meditation supplies and inspirational artwork will be available. This is handled by his assistant.

It is important to remember, there is no obligation to buy or donate. Swami’s program is a free-will service to humanity.

H O S T I N G  S W A M I