Hosting Swami

If you are interested in hosting a meditation program, please consult the East Coast and West Coast schedules for when Swami will be in your area (within an hour’s drive of the listed city). On days listed as open or there is nothing listed, Swami most likely is in need of a host for his meditation program. On days that already have something scheduled, Swami will have another program if time allows. So feel free to Contact Us about hosting even if something is already scheduled.

Hosting Swami will require a clean, quiet room. Since Swami is giving his time freely, we would ask that you be able to have at least 10 people attend the program you are hosting. Although the more people you can have attend is more people being able to receive the gift of meditation and Sri Shivabalayogi’s blessing, so there is no limit to the size of the group.

Places Swami has been hosted at include private homes, yoga studios, Hindu temples, and churches.