Swami Kena is a beautiful soul who has dedicated his life to serving humanity.  Swami’s mission is to spread the gift of Meditation as given to him by Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj, and to make the world a better place for all living things.  His life is dedicated to service.

Swami’s Weekly Message

Cultivate Meditation

Meditation is so important because it leads you to that first step in all growth, which is being your true Self. By meditating every day at a specific time, you are becoming firmly established in the one being.

Growth as a whole person unfolds by our becoming rooted in our own deepest, innermost center. In our society, all sorts of helps are given to us to grow intellectually. You have to reach out to find helpers in spiritually.

To grow spiritually you have to start living from the center of your true Self, and no longer be blown around by every wind that happens to ruffle the surface. Learn to be rooted in your Self. Growth needs planting and rooting and it also needs cultivation.

Meditation leads us, day in and day out, to cultivate the life of the spirit and to return to our true Self, that one selfless soul who lives only by the spirit of the lord.

Om Shanti!

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